"One Night In Memphis"

Sunrise Theatre, 117 S 2nd Street, Ft. Pierce, Florida

The Number One Tribute to Presley, Perkins, Lewis & Cash One Night in Memphis features over 90 minutes of pure rockabilly, country, gospel and rock and roll in a very authentic and energetic presentation featuring nationally known talent. The show recreates that magical night of December 4th, 1956 when Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash found themselves jamming at Sam Phillip’s Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Little did they know that their jam session was being recorded and preserved for all time, representing all the performers in their prime and the very best music of that time. One Night in Memphis is created and directed by John Mueller from the highly acclaimed show “Winter Dance Party” and has met with the same accolades and audience standing ovations.

The San Francisco Examiner raves, “An Amazing Show!”